Big storm brewing over Citizens United

Big storm brewing over Citizens United On Citizens United Anniversary, Reform is Brewing
by John Wellington Ennis | Pay 2 Play Blog

The Supreme Court decision Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, decided in a 5-4 decision on January 21, 2010, is a case which will live in infamy. What started out as asking permission to put a partisan movie on pay per view somehow ended up deciding that companies are people with the same free speech rights as citizens, that money equals speech, and that any limit on money spent by a corporation was a
violation of their First Amendment rights, so companies should be allowed to spend unlimited amounts without even having to identify themselves. Corporations got the rights of personhood, ergo, without the responsibilities we have like spending limits, or the requirement to be publicly listed for your donation. This is not to get into the obvious inequity that corporations are really made up of other people who already
have those same rights, or that corporations will have far more resources to spend with obvious financial incentives that people won’t.

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