Why isn’t Bush in jail for criminal negligence?

Did Bush & Co. have a hand in 9/11? Many say they did, but we don’t know. The question cannot be definitively answered either way until we have a real investigation of the sort that Bush & Co. did everything they could to keep from happening.

We do know, however, that Bush was warned repeatedly, and pointedly, that such a thing could happen–and he did nothing to prevent it. Time and time again (as Ron Schalow notes below) the CIA and others warned Bush that a terrorist attack was imminent, and could involve the hijacking of US commercial airliners–and he did nothing.

At the very least, he could have issued, quietly, a bureaucratic order that required the airlines to reinforce all cockpit doors (as happened after 9/11), but there was nothing of the kind. And he could have boosted spending on security (as the FBI was urging)–and yet he did the opposite. (In the summer of 2001, Bush AG John Ashcroft made substantial cuts in anti-terrorism funding, slashing the counterintelligence budget by 23%, and trimming otherwise.)

And so the great catastrophe occurred, just as all those warning voices had predicted; and Bush rose from the ashes like Our Savior, or young Winston Churchill, riding high on the disaster that he could have foiled, or mitigated, if he’d wanted to. (Ditto for Mayor Giuliani.) And having skated from the horror that he’d lifted not one finger to prevent, Bush (and Cheney) then made sure that no one on their team would ever be accountable, as no heads rolled (although there was a lot of bleeding in Afghanistan), Bush/Cheney working very hard to shut off all investigation, then working just as hard to thwart the one that finally did take place.

And so it goes today, as Bush, who made not one decision in the face of that attack (and who, when it did finally happen, sat there frozen, then ran away), is out there happily on tour, peddling his memoir, Decision Points. Far from paying in any way for his (at best) inaction, Bush got an advance of $7 million for that load of bull.

Not so lucky are those rescuers now ailing–dying–for their noble labor in the poisonous debris, searching for survivors and the dead. Nine years later, their demand for restitution has, just yesterday, been eagerly denied by Bush’s party, while Bush himself just parties on.

For doing nothing to avert that tragedy (and then exploiting it with torture programs and illegal wars), Bush ought to be in jail (and so should Cheney); and all those who have helped him to “move on” from what he didn’t do, and what he did, should be ashamed.


Remembering that George W. Bush was amply warned before 9/11–and did nothing, absolutely nothing!

“On 9/11, it was obvious the intelligence community had missed something big.” -George W. Bush

Except for the following clues, there was hardly anything for poor George to go on that would lead him to harden our defenses.

In 2002, Condi Rice said, “All of this reporting about hijacking was about traditional hijacking. You take a plane-people were worried they might blow one up, but they were mostly worried that they might try to take a plane and use it for release of the blind Sheikh or some of their own people.” Adding “But, you know, again, that terrorism and hijacking might be associated is not rocket science.”

And here’s Rice talking to the 9/11 Commission: “I remember very well that the president was aware that there were issues inside the United States. He talked to people about this. But I don’t remember the Al Qaida cells as being something that we were told we needed to do something about.” Oh, good grief.

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  1. I don’t know about his “theories,” but I still find his evidence—that the official explanation is preposterous—completely sound; and I’ve heard nothing yet from anyone, including you, that makes the slightest dent in what he’s written.

    You seem to be obsessed with him, although you haven’t actually read any of his work.

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