Trying to save democracy in Arizona (or, rather, introduce it there)

Here is an important NYTimes editorial on Arizona’s campaign finance system, which has been ludicrously–and perilously–challenged by the right; and the Roberts Court has (of course) played along, suspending the key law within that system. Will they restore it? That case is before them now (with the Brennan Center arguing for reinstatement of the law).

Even if the Court does do the right (and therefore unexpected) thing, however, Arizona still has many miles to go before it has elections fit for a democracy. Beyond all questions of campaign finance, there’s also the essential matter of the state’s notoriously shady voting system. That too must be overhauled (like all our voting systems nationwide), or else the campaign finance laws won’t make much difference even if they’re absolutely perfect. (The group doing most to right the voting system in that state is AUDITAZ, at

But it’s still necessary to resist the right’s attempt(s) to push the campaign finance system back to those dark days when Richard Nixon could take heaps of secret cash from interested millionaires, including mobsters, former (?) fascists and the generals who ran Brazil and Greece.


Keep Arizona Elections Clean

Until not long ago, Arizona politics were an open sewer of corruption. But the state adopted a system of public campaign financing in 1998, and, since then, more than half of all candidates for office in Arizona have opted for this money.

Not anymore. Last June, in the middle of a political campaign, the Supreme Court – which seems at times to be on a crusade to remake the American electoral landscape – thrust itself into an ongoing lawsuit and froze the crucial element of the financing system.

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