The utter horror of mefloquine, from one who knows

Lariam is the drug’s brand name.



I took Lariam (prescribed by my doctor) before and during a trip to Costa Rica in 2002. One night I experienced what I can only describe as a lucid nightmare of unparalleled horror. I knew I was dreaming, but could not wake myself, and was assaulted by a nonstop barrage of gruesome, frightening scenes and imagery-a child being crushed by a car, someone driving a knife into my chest, animals being tortured and mutilated-one scene rapidly changing into the next. On and on it went, without letting up. I thought I was going permanently insane, and when I finally was able to wake up, I was traumatized. My reality felt completely unreal, and I was, for the first time in my life, full of pure despair and nihilistic emptiness.

Thankfully, the despair went away after 2 days of Costa Rican sunshine and natural beauty. But I still think back to that experience as one of the worst in my life. It was so much more than a dream, or even more than a bad drug trip-it was like being literally traumatized, as if the images were real.

I later found a group called Lariam Action Network––and heard similar stories (and
worse) from others who had taken the drug.

The stuff is poison, and at the dosages the prisoners were given, I have no doubt it was intentional pharmacological torture.

M. Hughes

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