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After more than a year of waffling on Net Neutrality, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski just announced plans to issue weak regulations that give just about everything to giant phone and cable companies, and leave Internet users with almost nothing.1

Genachowski calls his plan Net Neutrality. But it’s fake. It doesn’t live up to President Obama’s pledge to create lasting and enforceable Net Neutrality protections or to Genachowski’s own promises to deliver for the president.2

This is a huge betrayal. But we still have time to fix Genachowski’s toothless rule before it goes to a vote on Dec. 21.

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps has been an unwavering champion for Net Neutrality, and he holds the power to fix the chairman’s bad rule.

Click this link and we’ll provide you with a number and script for your call. Tell Commissioner Copps that Genachowski’s fake Net Neutrality plan fails on so many fronts:

1.      It fails to protect Net Neutrality for people who access the Internet using wireless devices. There is only one Internet: Users must be free to access any legal website, service or application whether they’re at home or using a mobile phone.

2.      It fails to prevent new “paid prioritization” schemes planned by industry. We can’t let AT&T and Comcast charge steep tolls to speed up the sites and services of a few media giants while slowing down everyone else.

3.      It fails to close massive loopholes. The FCC can’t let Verizon build a new “private Internet” under the guise of “specialized services” that would stifle competition and innovation.

4.      It fails to restore the FCC’s authority, which was stripped away during a Bush-era frenzy of deregulation. If the FCC doesn’t “reclassify” its broadband authority under Title II of the Communications Act, it risks making Net Neutrality rules that will be tossed out in court right away.

Commissioner Copps is a longstanding champion of real Net Neutrality. If he knows you’ve got his back, he can toughen up the language of Genachowski’s plan.
Chairman Genachowski needs his vote. Commissioner Copps has real political leverage to fix this rule and move us toward the Net Neutrality protections that millions of people demand.
Make the call and then tell your friends to take action, too.

Timothy Karr

Free Press

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