Obama’s promise to raise taxes on the rich? Just campaign bullsh**t, says Valerie Jarrett

“Jarrett even made a pretty startling admission, one attendee told me. Asked why Obama said he wants to raise taxes on upper-income people for no other reason than to level the playing field, “She basically told me he said what he said during the heat of the campaign, and that’s not his true belief.”

When fat cats talk

It took continued 9-plus percent unemployment, falling approval ratings and a[n ostensible] “shellacking” in the November elections, but President Obama finally appears to understand that he actually needs at least some of those fat cats in the business community, if he’s going to fix the economy anytime soon.

At least that was the feeling to come out of a private dinner this month, where two key Obama advisers met with 20 or so top business leaders.

The meeting was at the swank Manhattan home of Betty and John Levin, a man who made a fairly large fortune as a hedge-fund manager and investor. Other guests included Loews Corp CEO James Tisch, Ajit Jain of Berkshire Hathaway, Honeywell CEO David Cote and John Myers, the former president of GE Asset Management.

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