ObamaCo steps up assault on immigrant workers‏

Federal Raids Against Immigrants on the Rise
By David Bacon

While the criminalization of undocumented people in Arizona
continues to draw headlines, the actual punishment of workers
because of their immigration status has become an
increasingly bitter fact of life across the country. The
number of workplace raids carried out by the Obama
administration is staggering. Tens, maybe even hundreds of
thousands of workers have been fired for not having papers.

According to public records obtained by Syracuse University,
the latest available data from the Justice Department show
that criminal immigration enforcement by the two largest
investigative agencies within the Department of Homeland
Security (DHS) has increased to levels comparable to the
highest seen during the Bush Administration. Homeland
Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that almost 400,000
people were deported last year, the highest number in the
country’s history.

But deportations are only part of the story. Much less
visible is the other arm of current immigration enforcement
policy — the firing of workers. The justification is brutal
— if immigrant workers can’t work, and therefore can’t eat,
pay rent, or provide for their families, they’ll have no
alternative but to leave the country.

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2 thoughts on “ObamaCo steps up assault on immigrant workers‏”

  1. GOOD. It’s about time the illegals lost their jobs so some true Americans can get back to work. I don’t feel one bit sorry for them, they don’t have any right to be here in the first place. Now if they would kick them all off of welfare the American tax payers could save billions of dollars a year. They should all be deported. And if I can ever help get any of them sent back home you can bet your ass I will do all I can to make it happen.

  2. First of all, illegal immigrants don’t get welfare, even if your favorite websites say they do. Check it out at htttp://blogs.chron.com/immigration/archives/2008/01/post_80.html.

    And jobs in the US have largely vanished not because a lot of immigrants have snapped them up, but because the corporate giants have transferred them overseas. THAT’s what angry “true Americans” (like you) should be protesting, since otherwise they never will “get back to work.”

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