New poll: Most Americans oppose the full tax cuts

Aside from telling us that most Americans don’t want the Bush tax cuts to be extended for the
rich, these poll results also lend further credence to the charge that the Republicans did not, in fact, legitimately win those many races that they seemingly swept on the last Election Day.

So few people want the Bush tax cuts for everyone, and so few people want the health care law repealed, that one might ask just how the GOP racked up so many victories, since they campaigned against that law, and for those cuts.

“Just who the hell are they catering to?” Dan Sweeney asks below, quite rightly. And that reasonable question prompts another: “Just who the hell actually voted for them?”

For a preliminary look at the “impossible” results all over on Election Day, see the item, from the middle of last month, by the Election Defense Alliance (EDA), at


New Poll Shows Most Opposed to Full Tax Cuts… Just who does the GOP serve, anyway?
Dan Sweeney

John Boehner, he of the (fill in your orange skin joke here), has said on multiple occasions that the recent elections, in which the GOP kicked so much Democratic ass that even downright scary, religio-crazy, swirly eyed yahoos won races across the country [reportedly–MCM], were a mandate for the GOP agenda. Boehner has said Americans now want the Congress to roll back the health care law. He’s also adamant that the victory gave him a clear mandate to extend tax cuts for all Americans, including the uber-wealthy.

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