Millionaires clean up while 9/11 rescuers die poor

Tell Republicans: Don’t hold 9/11 heroes hostage to tax cuts for the wealthy

Enough is enough!
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Dear Mark,

The Republicans in the Senate once again showed their true colors.

Yesterday they callously filibustered a bill that would help workers who have become ill, and the families of those who died, due to exposure to the toxic dust and debris in and around Ground Zero.1

Why? The Republicans said they did not want to even address the longstanding need for this legislation until after they have secured tax giveaways for the wealthiest Americans.

The bill the Republicans refused to even discuss would allocate $3.2 billion to track and treat the illnesses of Ground Zero workers and another $4.2 billion for compensation for victims who have fallen sick or died.

Quite simply, the Republicans are ignoring the needs of the heroes who volunteered for the grim but necessary work in the ruins in the World Trade Center immediately after 9/11.
Instead, Republicans unanimously voted to put this issue on the back burner while they could cater to the needs of America’s millionaires and billionaires.

This is no minor matter. The bill has already passed the House, but faces an uncertain future if it doesn’t pass the Senate this year.

Enough is enough. Giving away money to the rich is one of the last things we should be worried about right now.

Tell the Republicans that taking care of 9/11 workers is more important than giving money away to the wealthiest Americans.
Thank you for working for a better world.

Matt Lockshin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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