Bradley Manning “physically deteriorating” (Think of him this Christmas!)

Bradley Manning Suffering Extreme Isolation Prison Torture by Our Goverment — Courageous Whistleblower ‘Physically Deteriorating’
By Joshua Holland, AlterNet

Last week, Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of giving classified materials to Wikileaks, spent his 23rd birthday in the brig of the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia. He has been convicted of no crime, but endures the kind of highly restrictive detention that’s usually reserved for the most dangerous criminals in America’s supermax prisons. He is kept isolated in his cell 23 hours a day, where he is cut off from most human contact, denied reading materials and personal items, prevented by the guards from exercising and regularly awakened from his sleep. He has been at Quantico for five months, following two months of detention in Kuwait.

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