Lieberman and others want Julian Assange tried for espionage

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09 Dec 2010

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Assange could face espionage trial in US –Washington sees chance as WikiLeaks founder is jailed as battle begins to prevent extradition over sex charges 08 Dec 2010 Informal discussions have already taken place between US and Swedish officials over the possibility of the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange being delivered into American custody, according to diplomatic sources. Mr Assange is in a British jail awaiting extradition proceedings to Sweden after being refused bail at Westminster Magistrates’ Court despite a number of prominent public figures offering to stand as surety. His arrest in north London yesterday was described by the US Defence Secretary Robert Gates as “good news”, and may pave the way for extradition to America and a possible lengthy jail sentence.

3 thoughts on “Lieberman and others want Julian Assange tried for espionage”

  1. Gee wonder why he wasn’t up in arms about revealing intelligence assets when the Bushies (Rove and Libby) outed the cia operative ?

    You suck Joe, when its someone doing it to bring knowledge to the peopleyou want legislation to imprison those people, when its done by your pals and party then its fine and dandy

    get out of office you snake.

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