Hungary veering toward right-wing dictatorship‏

Media Law Outrage
Hungary’s ‘Orbanization’ Is Worrying Europe
By Erich Follath and Christoph Schult

The move by Hungary’s right-wing government to muzzle the media is the most recent example of a disturbing political trend in the country that was once hailed as a model for post-commununist development.

Should Europe impose sanctions just as Hungary is about to assume the rotating EU presidency?

The Hungarians have been Europe’s heroes twice in the last few decades. The way they fearlessly faced off against Soviet tanks in 1956 and fought for their ideals remains unforgotten. In 1989, they courageously opened the borders that separated Eastern Europe from freedom. And in the initial years following the fall of communism, many saw Budapest as a possible model for the successful development
of a democracy and market economy. Hungary, the land of the Magyars, was also a land of hope.

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