Espionage Act: a weapon that the USG can use on ALL OF US (Naomi Wolf)‏

Espionage Act: How the Government Can Engage in Serious Aggression Against the People of the United States
Naomi Wolf

This week, Senators Joe Lieberman and Dianne Feinstein engaged in acts of serious aggression against their own constituents, and the American people in general. They both invoked the 1917 Espionage Act and urged its use in going after Julian Assange. For good measure, Lieberman extended his invocation of the Espionage Act to include a call to use it to investigate the New York Times, which published WikiLeaks’ diplomatic cables. Reports yesterday suggest that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder may seek to invoke the Espionage Act against Assange.

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One thought on “Espionage Act: a weapon that the USG can use on ALL OF US (Naomi Wolf)‏”

  1. The Espionage Act is indisputably unconstitutional. It is very telling that every Congress since 1917 has refused to repeal it. They have consistently broken their oath to uphold and protect the Constitution for so long that we forget what it is like for our employees in our government to actually hold their oath to heart.

    One Congressman who does uphold the Constitution is Dennis Kucinich. He was the only Congressperson to file Articles of Impeachment against both dick Cheney and Dubya. He regularly votes against illegal war funding. His constituents in Cleveland regularly reelect him to Congress because he saved them billions of dollars in increased electric bills by literally dodging the local mafia’s hit man bullets to prevent Cleveland’s electric power plant from being taken over.

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