Corporate press ignores the biggest prison strike in US history

via Portside:

The Largest Prison Strike In American History Goes Ignored By US Media
By Joe Weber

Today marks the end of a seven-day strike where tens
of thousands of inmates in Georgia refused to work
or leave their cells until their demands had been
met. The odd thing is, that until today, no one had
ever heard about this strike.

Inmates in ten Georgia prisons, Baldwin, Hancock, Hays,
Macon, Smith and Telfair State Prisons, to name a few, went
on strike last Thursday to protest their treatment and
demand their human rights.

According to an article by Facing South, Department of
Corrections have been nervous about deteriorating conditions
in Georgia’s prisons since early 2010. Wardens started
triple bunking prisoners in response to budget cuts –
squeezing three prisoners into cells intended for one.
Prison officials have kept a watchful eye out for prisoners
meaning to riot, for prisoners’ rights lawyers to litigate,
or both.

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