Boos and catcalls for Obama’s corporation-friendly stance on Net Neutrality

It doesn’t give me any pleasure to point out that I predicted this would happen, back when it was (quietly) reported that Obama’s closest friends include a couple of high rollers at AT&T.

Needless to add, the shrieks from such Republicans as FCC commisioner Robert McDowell—that Obama’s trying to “control” the Internet, and snatch it from Big Business–are either (more) outrageous lies, or symptoms of insanity.

And what’s with Michael Copps? He’s been heroic until now…


FCC Net Neutrality Rules Slammed From All Sides
By Ryan Singel

The federal government’s new internet fairness policy – designed to prevent the nation’s cable and DSL internet service providers from meddling with the open, free-wheeling nature of the internet – was met with boisterous criticism Monday night from all sides of the political spectrum.

Republicans, including FCC commissioner Robert McDowell, blasted the new rules as an interventionist over-reach by an activist federal regulator intent on asserting control over the internet.

Democrats, including Sen. Al Franken from Minnesota, along with public interest and free speech groups, slammed the rules as woefully inadequate to protect the public from the predations of an industry keen on turning the internet into a cyber-version of cable TV, with tiers and premium packages affordable by the wealthy.

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