ACORN’s persecutors broke the law–and they should pay!

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Watchdog Groups Launch New Campaign To Hold Andrew Breitbart, James O’Keefe And Hannah Giles Accountable For Illegally Wiretapping ACORN Employees In Baltimore

Washington, DC- Watchdog groups have launched a new campaign to hold Andrew Breitbart, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles accountable for the violations of criminal law they committed by illegally and surreptitiously recording employees of the Baltimore, Maryland ACORN office in the summer of 2009 and posting edited video versions online in order to harm ACORN. The campaign,, is a grassroots campaign to let law enforcement officials in Maryland know that ordinary citizens want accountability for those who break the law. Maryland’s Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Act prohibits both surreptitious recordings and disclosure of those recordings, with a prison sentence of five years and a $10,000 fine.

Since that illegal conduct occurred, numerous official reports have been released showing that O’Keefe, Giles and Breitbart acted illegally/unethically with regard to their ACORN recordings. Also, James O’Keefe has been arrested and convicted for tampering with the phones in Senator Mary Landrieu’s office, and he is under investigation for attempting to lure a CNN reporter on to a boat in Maryland for nefarious purposes and setting up teachers union employees in New Jersey. Andrew Breitbart posted an edited recording of Department of Agriculture employee Shirley Sherrod which resulted in her improper firing. A subsequent investigation determined that she did nothing wrong and should be reinstated.

“It appears that these zealots are engaged in a nationwide pattern of criminal activity for purely political reasons,” said campaign spokesperson and attorney Kevin Zeese. “But, in Maryland, we don’t take kindly to outsiders coming here to commit crimes that harm our citizens and community organizations. And so, with a new prosecutor in Baltimore who has campaigned on the rule of law, we are urging him to move quickly and decisively to bring these criminals to justice.”

The campaign is asking citizens to sign a letter to Gregg Bernstein, the new Baltimore State’s Attorney, which will be hand delivered the week he is sworn in in January, 2011. To learn more, go to


2 thoughts on “ACORN’s persecutors broke the law–and they should pay!”

  1. Style vs substance:

    Because we are leaders and board members of the association; ACORN’s typical misdirection and defenses do not work against us.
    1. We are not low-level disgruntled employees – we are board members;
    2. We are not engaged in partisan attacks – we are Independents and Conservative Democrats;
    3. We are not turncoats discrediting a venerable organization – we sought to reform ACORN… not destroy it;
    4. We have not engaged in illegality or hyperbole – we are creditable whistleblowers who are willing and able to testify against ACORN.

    We are ACORN’s worst nightmare. Credible insiders without a political axe to grind, who know the people responsible and the methods used by corrupt management. ACORN 8 continues to seek justice and pursue truth, transparency and accountability against the corrupt managers within ACORN and the new organizations they have spawned.

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