6 companies that have NOT run from WikiLeaks

6 Companies That Haven’t Wussed Out of Working with WikiLeaks
By Tana Ganeva, AlterNet
Posted on December 10, 2010, Printed on December 12, 2010

Giants like PayPal, Amazon.com, Visa and MasterCard almost instantly crumbled under government (and p.r.) pressure to drop WikiLeaks, depriving the site of vital funding sources and online platforms. But other companies, some of them small, independent start-ups, have decided to risk he wrath of Joe Lieberman, the State Department, and their European counterparts and help keep WikiLeaks afloat by providing funding sources (yeah, you can now donate to WikiLeaks even if you only have Visa or MasterCard) and hosting the site. Here’s a list of companies that have stood by WikiLeaks:

1. Xipwire:

The Philly online payment company has announced that unlike PayPal they welcome customer donations to WikiLeaks. According to their site, they’re even waiving fees and charges so that 100% of the money goes to the whistleblower site. “While people may or may not agree with WikiLeaks, we at XIPWIRE believe that anyone who wishes to support the organization through a donation should be able to do so,” they say on their site. While the publicity advantages are obvious, there’s also the threat of backlash. One of the founders told the tech blog BaltTech, “We’re fully aware that not everyone likes what Wikileaks is. But we are prepared to accept the consequences.”

(For the moment the money goes to an escrow account because they haven’t been able to reach WikiLeaks.)

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