With glaciers melting, Congress will…. attack the scientists!

Here (below) is a shot across the bow of the incoming Congress, which–as Earth continues to heat up, and scientists keep coming up with still more evidence of man-made climate change–will soon be even more obstructionist; for quite a few of those Republicans who “won” House seats this month are staunch denialists vis-a-vis global warming, and are now planning a big propaganda blitz against those scientists.*

These new House members may be blinded by “free-market” ideology, and therefore willing tools of the oil industry and its gigantic peers; or they may be End-Times lunatics, eager for the world to melt so Jesus can return (and therefore willing tools of the oil industry and its gigantic peers).

Whatever drives them (and even though their “wins” were dubious in most cases, what with our faith-based voting system), they plan to laugh off the impending threat, which will include the melting of the glaciers and the drowning of low-lying areas throughout the world–including Queens and Brooklyn, North Carolina and Miami, and many highly populous coastal spots in Asia and elsewhere.

Kudos to the New York Times for running this important piece; and shame on all of us if we sit back and let the right (enabled by corrupt and/or weak Democrats) block any progress in the face of this quite real, and not-so-slow, catastrophe.



As Glaciers Melt, Science Seeks Data on Rising Seas
From a helicopter hovering over Greenland, the oceanographer Fiammetta Straneo took measurements to determine how fast the water is melting the nearby Helheim Glacier. More Photos ยป

TASIILAQ, Greenland – With a tense pilot gripping the stick, the helicopter hovered above the water, a red speck of machinery lost in a wilderness of rock and ice.

To the right, a great fjord stretched toward the sea, choked with icebergs. To the left loomed one of the immense glaciers that bring ice from the top of the Greenland ice sheet and dump it into the ocean.

Hanging out the sides of the craft, two scientists sent a measuring device plunging into the water, between ice floes. Near the bottom, it reported a temperature of 40 degrees. It was the latest in a string of troubling measurements showing that the water was warm enough to melt glaciers rapidly from below.

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