Scotland dumps e-voting for hand-counted paper ballots

Having gone through the “fiasco” of e-voting in 2007–the sort of mess that
the Republicans and Democrats don’t seem to mind at all–Scotland will go
back to voting the old-fashioned way: hand-counted paper ballots. Although that
method too (of course) enables fraud, the possibilities for election theft are
infinitely greater with computerized systems, as we’ve seen in this faltering
democracy time after time.

Funny how the Tea-Baggers (or most of them), for all their hatred of “the government,”
don’t seem to mind “the government” deploying electronic means to count their votes.

And it is just as funny (although it’s really not the least bit funny) that the Democrats
aren’t out there vowing to contest the outcomes of tomorrow’s races, should there
be any evidence of vote suppression or election fraud (as there will surely be, as
there has been a lot of just such evidence already, all of which the Dems continue
to refuse to see).

Meanwhile, in such vigorous democracies as Scotland and Germany, they’ve taken
steps to make elections sound. (Germany’s highest court ruled e-voting unconstituional,
as it violates a basic human right.*)



Electronic voting system scrapped

A controversial system of electronic ballot counting is to be ditched for next year’s Holyrood election, it has been confirmed.

Votes will instead be counted by hand following the chaos which followed the 2007 Holyrood election which saw more than 140,000 ballots spoilt.

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore has also confirmed that the election next year will also see a return to two separate ballot papers for the constituency seats and regional lists.

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Holyrood election ballots to be counted by hand
More than 140,000 ballot papers were spoilt in the 2007 election

Ballot papers for next May’s Scottish elections will be counted by hand, in the wake of the 2007 voting fiasco.
The last Holyrood election, which made use of electronic counting, was hit by problems which resulted in more than 140,000 spoilt ballot papers.

There will also be a return to two separate ballot papers for the regional list and constituency contests.
There will be a bigger gap between the close of nominations and polling day, allowing more time for postal voting.

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