Rick Perry, lately “re-elected,” takes a shot at Social Security

Having been “re-elected” thanks, in part, to the righteous fire that neatly wiped out all the e-voting machines in Houston (and, no doubt, thanks too to God only knows what other strokes of Karl Rove’s ol’ black magic), Rick Perry is already moving on the ultra- right agenda drafted by the billionaires who funded the “Tea Party movement.”

Whether Perry and Tuesday’s other “winners” really won–and there is, of course, no evidence that they did, what with our faith-based voting system and cooked “exit polls”–the plutocratic drive to cut Social Security does not have popular support, and never will.


Rick Perry Proposes Letting States Opt Out of Social Security
Saturday 06 November 2010
by: Ian Millhiser | ThinkProgress | Report

Appearing on CNN’s Parker/Spitzer this past week, occasionally secessionist Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) proposed allowing states to opt-out of Social Security:

“Here’s what I think would be a very wise thing,” he began. “In 1981, Matagorda, Brazoria, and Galveston Counties all opted out of the Social Security program for their employees. Today, their program is very, very well-funded and there is no question about whether it’s going to be funded in the out years. It’s there. That’s an option out there.”

“So, you want to let people opt out?” responded Spitzer.

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