NYTimes on the cancer risk in cell phones!

Another good piece from the New York Times (whose giant sell phone advertisers can’t be very pleased to see it).

Too bad (although entirely understandable) that they saw fit to stick it in the Business section, and not on p. A1.


Cellphones and Cancer – A Far-From-Settled Issue –
Should You Be Snuggling With Your Cellphone?

WARNING: Holding a cellphone against your ear may be hazardous to your health. So may stuffing it in a pocket against your body.

I’m paraphrasing here. But the legal departments of cellphone manufacturers slip a warning about holding the phone against your head or body into the fine print of the little slip that you toss aside when unpacking your phone. Apple, for example, doesn’t want iPhones to come closer than 5/8 of an inch; Research In Motion, BlackBerry’s manufacturer, is still more cautious: keep a distance of about an inch.

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