NY hotline for election fraud, voting problems

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Here’s a voter hotline number for reporting any problems at the polls in New York State. 888-672-4555

State sets up hotline to report fraud, problems at polls

Posted By Cara Matthews On November 1, 2010 (10:47 am) In Uncategorized

The state Comptroller’s Office set up a hotline to take calls tomorrow from people having trouble at the polls. Voters who have problems including privacy issues, technical difficulties, trouble reading ballots and late opening of polling sites should call Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s office-which issued a report on problems with New York City voting and another on problems in other counties in the primary-to report the issue. The number is 888-672-4555.

“If voters have problems casting their ballots on Election Day, we want to know about it,” DiNapoli said. “No one should be disenfranchised or worry that their privacy will be compromised when voting. My office identified widespread problems with Primary Day voting. The boards of elections, particularly in New York City, should have fixed the problems to ensure they are not repeated on Tuesday. If these problems persist, my office will investigate why.”

DiNapoli’s reports about primary day made recommendations for boards of election to prevent problems on Election Day. This is the first year the state’s new system of paper ballots and scanners is in effect statewide and no mechanical-lever machines will be used.

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I had no way of knowing if the vote that was cast was the one I marked on the ballot. The machine scanned it, all right–but I got no feedback that, in fact, the machines didn’t automatically record my vote as something other than what I marked on the ballot. It just said “Vote cast”–which does not help one little bit if I want to verify the accuracy of my ballot.

At least with the old system, I could tell. There would be a physical hole in the ballot where the desired candidate was, rendering it impossible to program it to register a bad candidate whether or not I voted for it. Nor did I get any way to view my ballot as cast before finalizing it, to make sure nothing was wrong with it. Let’s just say that the machines could have been rigged to vote in the incumbants that I did not want, and I would have had no way of knowing about it.

That’s the problem in a nutshell—and the reason why our voting system is completely nuts.

That the Conway-Paul Senate race was called so early was surprising and suspicious. I
hope Attorney Jack Conway takes the appropriate action. and Paul is outta of here.

Karl Rove poured money in campaign ads against Jack Conway with attacks also against Pres.Obama and Nancy Pelosi and there ought to be a Federal law against that
in my opinion. I dislike Rove, a political genius he is not. abd I think time will prove me
right. In Pres. Bush’s new book GWB
dishes out criticism of others including Mitch McConnel, Karl Rove is spared, which
begs the question: “Why?”

All during his compaign Paul predicted massive voter fraud. Well, he got that right, but it
was not against him, but against Jack Conway who I hope takes the appropriate action.

I LIKE former President Bush and voted for him twice, but Karl Rove must do his bidding as he was the only one not criticized in Bush’s memoirs.

Rand Paul is a fraud, and there is no denying that. I want Jack Conway back, in the
Senate seat where he belongs.

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