IL GOP poll watcher wears “ICE” hat in Hispanic area

IL GOP Poll Watcher Wears Immigration Agency Hat at Hispanic Poll on Election Day
by Brad Friedman

Charges of ‘intimidation’ dismissed by Republicans as ‘baloney,’ highlights hypocrisy of ginned-up Fox ‘News’/GOP New Black Panther Party ‘scandal’…

From suburban Illinois’ Daily Herald…

“Democratic operatives took pictures Tuesday of Lawrence Moretti near a polling place at 848 N. Mill Road in Addison wearing a black jacket and a blue cap with bright yellow letters emblazoned with the letters ‘ICE,’
the logo of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

“‘First of all, that polling place is located in a heavily Hispanic area,’ said DuPage Democratic Party Chairman Bob Peickert. ‘He had choices between hats that he could have put on his head and he chose one that could lead someone to conclude he was a law enforcement officer. What motivates him to stand out in front of that place if for no other reason than to intimidate?'”

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