“Green” cleaning goods are really bad for you

If You Knew How Dangerous Green Cleaning Products Were, You’d Probably Go Back to Soap and Water
By Monona Rossol, AlterNet
Posted on November 23, 2010, Printed on November 27, 2010

They’re hiding under your sink, deep in the basement and out in your garage. They seem to be multiplying and most of them are green, for gosh sakes!

They are cleaning products. We have one for every conceivable job: floors, walls, dishes, laundry, windows, bathroom porcelain and ceramic tiles, wooden decks, cement surfaces, silverware, one for car paint and another for the chrome, and on and on.

Whatever happened to just plain soap? Well, it seems it wasn’t fast enough for our busy lives. And these new cleaners certainly are fast. Just spray and wipe or swish with a mop and the job is done.

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