GOP attacking pollsters in MN who got it “wrong”

There’s a big brouhaha in Minnesota, where Republicans are screaming at those polling outfits that, they charge, got several races “wrong,” in that they showed the Democrats ahead.

And now those pollsters are backpedaling and, in effect, apologizing, vowing “to do better next time.”

Thus what’s happening is much like what went down after the 2004 election, when everybody–both parties and the “liberal media–laughed off all those exit polls which showed John Kerry winning in eleven states.

The problem here is the absurd presumption that the official count is always right, while contradictory polls are always wrong. (That presumption, oddly enough, holds for the US alone, since contradictory exit polls are always right in Iran, Venezuela, and wherever else the government is wrong in US eyes.)

Instead of backing off and eating crow, the pollsters in MN should be attacking their attackers–and asking if their own polls might, in fact, not indicate the possibility that the Republicans did less well with the voters than we think.

Because there’s actually no evidence, aside from the official numbers, that those winners really won, or that those losers really lost. And so it is throughout the nation, since we now have a completely faith-based voting system, as more of us ought to be pointing out.


Chagrined pollsters hope to do better next time
By Dave Orrick

Dayton ahead by 12 points.

Oberstar to win by 10 percentage points.

Republicans to pick up eight state Senate seats.

Wrong, wrong and wrong.

Those prognostications, by nonpartisan and partisan polls in advance of Nov. 2’s power-shifting election, weren’t just off. They were way off when compared with the election results.

And now the pollsters are under fire.

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Wonder if they were upset with Rasmussen who also got it ‘wrong,’ but in Repub favor? Hmmmmmm????????????????????????????

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