Don’t let News from Underground go dark!

Things have changed since I last asked you for a small donation to help keep News from Underground alive. They’ve got much worse–the GOP’s Congressional “sweep,” enabled by computerized voting systems coast to coast; Obama’s continuing embrace of the Republican agenda; and the ongoing collapse of the economy. And, of course, there’s plenty more that I could mention–and so I try to do, through all the timely,
largely unknown items that I send out every day, and put up on my blog.

I cannot keep on doing it, however, without your support. It can be just a dollar, or two, or three, or five, which you can have sent automatically each month, by clicking on the proper link at Or, if you’re in shape to do so, you can donate somewhat more. Anything would help to keep this enterprise alive.

In any case, we need some help ASAP, or I will have to stop this vital service at the end of November.

Thank you for whatever you can do!


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