Americans must HALT the Comcast/NBC merger!

There may be a bright side to the Olbermann disgrace, as it may help to mobilize a drive to block the Comcasr/NBC merger. Although GE’s domination has, of course, been bad enough, Comcast’s would be a disaster, as that outfit is a fervent gang of Busheviks.

Here, from Ellen LaVan Schindler, are some pertinent articles.


November 02, 2010 03:00 PM
After Cablevision Blackout, FCC May Take A Closer Look At Comcast Merger

Congresswoman Waters Again Expresses Concerns about Comcast-NBC Merger In Light of News Corp. Actions Denying Fox Programs to Cablevision Subscribers (of course she has other problems) is on it×9495185

October 5, 2010 NYTimes story

Sept 26, 2010

I saw on one site that Mike Malloy had discussed it, but I couldn’t find anything there. However, he does have a forward to the PCCC Olbermann petition.

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