Would-be murderer calls Glenn Beck his “schoolteacher”

Glenn Beck is the worst kind of conspiracy theorist, operating in the great tradition
of Father Coughlin, Gerald L.K. Smith, Pat Robertson and countless other demogogues
who’ve pointed to a secret global network of pure evil, dedicated to the ruination and
enslavement of all good Americans (i.e., white Christians) for the sake of its own alien
(i.e., Jewish/Negro) empire.

Such is the not-so-subtle subtext of Beck’s rants against, say, George Soros in particular
(and not the ruling elites of world capital in general), and his fevered jeremiads against
Obama as a “racist” demogogue. (Paranoids tend to be malign projectors of their own
malignity onto the objects of their wrath.) The fascist thrust of Glenn Beck’s paranoia
came quite clear when he recently extolled The Red Network, a self-published classic
(1935) of crackpot dot-connecting, by Elizabeth Dilling, whose views of “Jewry” shortly
made her a fierce Hitlerite. (During the war, she was listed as a pro-Axis subversive.)
On his TV show, Beck waved around a copy of that book, and hailed its author for
having done exactly what he’s trying to do today.

So where were, and where are, the MSM attacks on Glenn Beck as conspiracy theorist?
Why does his wild, proto-fascist speculation get a daily pass, while any effort to discuss
the mysteries of 9/11, or the evidence of vast election fraud–however sober and well-
evidenced such talk may be–is instantly deplored and/or laughed off as mere
“conspiracy theory,” posing some grave danger to our national mental health?

And now here’s Byron Williams, a would-be mass murderer, who hails Beck as the
“schoolteacher” who opened up his eyes–thereby inspiring him to plan a bloodbath
at the Tides Foundation (often named by Beck as a big player in the “conspiracy”).
(Beck sees Tides and ACORN as Obama’s co-conspirators–this mad conspiracist
also being a staunch denialist when it comes to 9/11 and Republican election fraud.)

So how long will “the liberal media,” and the Establishment it serves, keep mum about
Beck’s poisoned tongue? Probably as long as they continue to approve his one-man
drive against “the left,” even if they find his style distasteful.


7 thoughts on “Would-be murderer calls Glenn Beck his “schoolteacher””

  1. I heard about the Brian Williams interview on Democracy Now, when John Hamilton, a journalist for Media Matters, talked about if Glenn Beck should be responsible for the actions of their viewers.

    Personally, I believe they should. People are easily convinced that something is true… look at the statistics that show the amount of Americans that still believe Saddam Hussein caused 9/11/01. Glenn Beck and other TV/radio pundits should be cautious about what they divulge to their audience. Anybody, like Brian Williams, could use the “factual” information as a catalyst for causing harm to others.

  2. Well, apparently the MSM is not completely ignoring the Williams-Beck connection because the video posted here includes a clip from KRON discussing that very connection.

    I’m disappointed that Media Matters doesn’t provide a more direct acknowledgment and identification of the reporter who interviewed Williams. Interviews don’t happen by themselves.

    I’ve never watched Beck before, so I am shocked by how hysterical and ridiculous he is.

    Strictly speaking, Glenn Beck is not a 9/11 denialist. Mark Crispin Miller is.

    John P. Garry III

  3. KRON is a local TV station—a very small part of the MSM. In any case, I’ve heard/read very little that attacks Beck for his “conspiracy theories” per se.

    Take you, for instance. It’s great to know that you find Beck himself “hysterical and ridiculous,” but what about his groundless and invidious connecting-of-the-dots?
    Have you ever posted your objections on _his_ website? Or do you focus only on such
    very minor figures as myself?

  4. Let’s not argue over how exactly we should characterize Beck’s idiocies, or try to outdo each other in disparagement.

    I don’t bother posting on the websites of ridiculous and hysterical people who are beyond redemption.

    I like to debate people capable of rational thought, whether they are minor or not..

    I focus on the websites of people I have some things in common with because I have higher expectations of them. Surely, you consider yourself to have higher standards than Beck does, no?

    I hold you to a higher standard than Beck because you have done good work in the past and I don’t like seeing you stray into error and/or undermine your own credibility.. You are a scholar. Beck is a clown. I’d rather debate a scholar.

    John P. Garry III

  5. Thank you so much for all the cognitive diversity that you’ve provided us with. We are forever all the more richer for it. Oh, and I’m sure that your concern for Dr. Miller and his “stray into error” is genuine and most deeply felt, Mr. “John P. Garry III”.

  6. Oh, and Mr. Garry- if you bothered to do any research into this area which you are trying so deperately hard to debunk, you would know that YOU are a “9/11 Denialist”, and myself, Dr. Miller, and tens of millions of other people are interested in truth, justice, accountability (following the rule of law, or what’s left of it), and a REAL, and ACTUAL investigation into the events of September 11, 2001. If you want to attach a name to it, call it the 9/11 Truth Movement if you must.
    Also, I’m not exactly sure why you have it in for Dr. Miller and why you are pretending to be chummy with him, or act like you’re his intellectual equal, much less having the nerve to “correct” him on what you deem to be false information. Name one “conspiracy theory” that Dr. Miller has put fourth about 9/11, because I sure can’t. Dr. Miller has only reminded people that having doubts about the official government/corporate media theory behind 9/11 is perfectly reasonable, and completely rational. He has also argued passionately for a real investigation into 9/11, and not the sham that was the 9/11 Commission which was made up of high level Washington insiders/shills, and directed by Bush, and Condolezza Rice loyalist, Philip Zelikow. And by the way, wasn’t this posting originally about a fringe, right-wing lunatic being armed to the teeth and prepared to commit mass murder becase of the “teachings” of fellow sociopath, Glenn Beck?

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