Wisconsin rightists using “voter fraud” to block the vote

As they see it, “election protection” groups are trying to steal elections, while they themselves–the real election thieves–are out there fighting for American democracy.

Tired as it is, the word “Orwellian” is all too fitting for the worldview of these zealots (and that of their paymasters).


Inside the Wisconsin Right’s Voter-Suppression Scheme
Sarah Posner

The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute provided support for this article.

From familiar stories about “illegal” electioneering by ACORN and the Black Panthers [1] to Sharron Angle’s recent claim that Harry Reid is trying to steal the election by offering prospective voters free food-the myth of widespread voter fraud is now commonplace among Republicans. In just one example, an unconfirmed assertion [2] that Nevada voting machines already had Reid’s name checked off became a national story, with Rush Limbaugh claiming that the “New Black Panther Party,” with the “imprimatur of the Justice Department,” was “running fraudulent elections” across the country.

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2 thoughts on “Wisconsin rightists using “voter fraud” to block the vote”

  1. Well this is a complaint? I believe we still here about the claims that bush stole the Florida election back in the day? Oh but that was the other side so its ok……Works both ways, and if these are not true or valid then so be it. But when we are discussing Illegal Immigrants and people whom ARE NOT citizens of this country- POSSIBLY voting is simply ludicrous.
    Guess we should all fall for the Nobama propaganda that the main stream so called media throws in our face though. Simply laughable.

  2. Well, Bush/Cheney _did_ steal the election in 2000. (Al Gore won. All the ballots down in FL were eventually counted, the results reported roughly one year later, and they showed that Al Gore won. Check it out yourself: http://www.aei.org/docLib/20040526_KeatingPaper.pdf.)

    But it’s NOT okay for _anyone_ to steal elections; and if there were a shred of evidence that “illegal immigrants” were crowding into polling places on the Democrats’ (or anyone’s) behalf, I’d be the first one to deplore it. But there’s not a shred of evidence that that goes on, regardless of how often you’ve been told it does. So the very notion is, as you say, ludicrous.

    And as for Obama, what “propaganda” would that be? From the beginning he’s been SILENT on the problem of Republican election fraud. He even boasts, just a few pages into THE AUDACITY OF HOPE, that he voted AGAINST the Congressional Black Caucus’s motion to block the electoral vote-count from Ohio after the ’04 election; and since then he has steadfastly refused to have his DoJ look into any of the GOP’s electoral shenanigans.

    In any case, since it is NOT okay for anyone to steal elections, neither can it be okay to use the myth of “voter fraud” to block the voteā€”but YOU appear to be okay with that, since it’s against “the other side.”

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