UPDATED: Univision will air GOP ads telling Latinos NOT TO VOTE

They changed their mind. Please see update here.


Univision Accepts $80,000 To Air GOP Group’s Ads That Tell Latinos Not To Vote
By Andrea Nill

Yesterday, Latinos for Reform — a Republican 527 group — announced that it purchased an $80,000 buy on Univision to air ads urging Nevada Latino voters not to vote. Robert Deposada, a conservative political consultant and political analyst for Univision, has described the ad as an expression of the Latino community’s frustration with the lack of immigration reform. Apparently, telling Latino voters not to vote will somehow empower them. “It’s the only way for Hispanics to stand up and demand some attention,” Deposada claims. “I can’t ask people to support a Republican candidate who has taken a completely irresponsible and bordering on racist position on immigration,” he said about senatorial candidate Sharron Angle (R-NV). (As a side note, the ad doesn’t mention Angle or the fact that Republicans have been obstructing reform for the past year).

Watch the ad in English and in Spanish:

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4 thoughts on “UPDATED: Univision will air GOP ads telling Latinos NOT TO VOTE”

  1. Univision decided to not run the ads, but you’ve got to love how De Posada says it’s because of “Democratic Pressure”.

  2. “the only way to send a message is to not vote” ? Wow, that’s some passive aggressive doublespeak there! What’s next, holding your breath until you turn blue (or in this case red)?

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