Touch-screens now flipping votes in NC–from GOP to DEM!

Now this is either an authentic glitch–or, perhaps, a canny move by the Republicans to help “confirm” their (usual) charges that THEY’RE the victims, and the DEMOCRATS the perpetrators, of election fraud.

That move would be especially helpful to them if/when they subvert the voting process on Election Day.

In any case, we need to find out who’s in charge of that machinery in North Carolina.


Touch-Screens in Two NC Counties Flip Straight-Party Votes Repeatedly from GOP to Dem
by Brad Friedman

County GOP Chair: The ES&S machines ‘ain’t worth a damn, we ought to go back to paper ballots’

One voter says: ‘I pressed confirm and screen went totally black’…

Aaand the touch-screen voting machines continue to flip votes during the early voting period. Right on schedule. Just as always. But, for the second time this week we have the unusual occurrence of votes reportedly flipping away from the GOP.


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