So where’s the apology to Anita Hill?

Will anyone apologize to Anita Hill now?

New statements by Clarence Thomas’ ex-girlfriend undermine the image that his defenders worked hard to create

You’ve probably seen that Clarence Thomas’ ex-girlfriend has broken her two-decade silence and publicly stated that the Supreme Court justice was “obsessed” with pornography when they dated.

While Lillian McEwen’s statement doesn’t by itself prove that Anita Hill was telling the truth when she accused Thomas of sexual harassment back in 1991, it does come close. After all, Thomas was indignant at his confirmation hearings at the suggestion that he enjoyed — and enjoyed talking about — pornography. And in countering Hill’s charges, it was his supposed good character and moral righteousness that Thomas’ defenders stressed over and over. As Strom Thurmond, one of the 52 senators who voted to confirm Thomas even after hearing Hill’s testimony, put it: “‘I do not believe Judge Thomas is capable of the kind of behavior Professor Hill described.”

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