Sharron Angle raised $14 million–by spending $12 million!

Sharron Angle: The Rest Of the $$ Story

When Sharron Angle announced last week that her campaign had raised $14 million in a quarter, even Republicans were amazed that a candidate could raise so much off of a challenge to the emblem of Democrats, Harry Reid.

But with the actual filings today, we know now that Angle’s $14 million came at a cost. Specifically, about $12 million. That’s how much her campaign spent to raise the money — an unfathomable percentage.

So Angle netted only $2 million and as a consequence, and has the same amount of cash on hand that Harry Reid does for the final stretch. Reid raised much less, but spent as much as Angle did on ads — $7 million — and still has $4 million in the bank.

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