O’Keefe and Friends, enabled by “the liberal media” (2 items)

As Eric Boehlert notes below, the horrid youngster James O’Keefe comes out of “a
media movement gone mad”–i.e., the feral network of Glenn Beck, Limbaugh,
Andrew Breitbart, Jim Hoft and the others who’ve been fulminating non-stop, and
with astounding virulence, since Obama was elected.

These people–“journalists,” they call themselves; and, no less amazingly,
“conservatives”–are an intolerable bunch, whose claims are just as false as they
are poisonous. They get away with it, of course, because they have Big Money
backing them; and, no less, because the mainstream press goes easy on them, not
just laying off them (where’s the outrage?) but also, worse yet, endlessly repeating
their Big Lies.

Take, for example, the Washington Post–which, as Brad Friedman notes below,
is still re-echoing the O’Keefe/Breitbart lies about ACORN (R.I.P.). It’s Alexandra
Petri, writing on Dana Milbank’s blog “Rough Sketch,” who’s now reconfirming the
disinformation (and, it seems, stalwartly refusing to correct it).

So what exactly does it take to get “the liberal media” to see the truth, and try to tell
the world about it? Could be there’s nothing that will work such magic on them; in
which case we’ll just have to keep trying to do that job ourselves, as daunting as it is.


James O’Keefe and a media movement gone mad
by Eric Boehlert

What is wrong with these people?

That’s a refrain that goes through my brain many times each week, and I’m sure goes through the minds of my Media Matters colleagues as we monitor the right-wing media and continue to be dumbstruck by what passes for content.

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WashPost’s Milbank Blog Still Misreporting:
O’Keefe ‘Dressed Up as Pimp to Intv’w ACORN’…
by Brad Friedman

[UPDATED: 48 hours since original posting, still no correction by WaPo, Milbank or Petri…]


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