More on the strange suicide (if that’s what it was) of DoJ lawyer Nicholas Marsh

Why is there so little news about this story? And how come it was Karl Rove’s lawyer who first broke it?

With Rove involved (in any way), it’s necessarily suspicious–since Marsh knew plenty, like other players who’ve met untimely ends (like, for instance, Mike Connell).


DOJ Lawyer Was Found Hanging in his Basement
by Legal Schnauzer

A Department of Justice lawyer who reportedly committed suicide last month was found hanging in his basement, according to a press report.

Information about the death of Nicholas A. Marsh has been sketchy, at best. Numerous media outlets reported on September 27 that Marsh, the subject of an investigation for possible misconduct in the prosecution of former U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK), had killed himself during the previous weekend. The news was released by Robert Luskin, Marsh’s attorney who also has represented Republican strategist Karl Rove.

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