More on BP laying off clean-up workers for “finding too much oil”

From “clean up crew wife,” a new comment on Maggie Richards’ post )9/24) on News from Underground, “BP cleanup crew in Florida laid off ‘because they were finding too much oil'”:

“My husband was a foreman on the clean up. I have no idea why they were laid off. They knew it was coming for weeks, but they were still getting massive amounts of oil everyday. They were not allowed to dig or get anything out of the water and still got over 2000 lbs a day. Their hours were cut dramatically for the last month or so that he worked while we were still incurring the high cost of living out of state to have the job. It made me so mad. I could not understand why they were cutting crews and hours while still getting so much. There was never an answer, and exactly like a previous writer wrote they did bust up crews that were to productive. Also, they kept many workers that really didn’t work. My husband was so frustrated. He commented many times about not understanding why they let people go that really worked and kept the “Dead Heads”. It is very frustrating to know that so much oil is still there, just not visible. I have to wonder what the real deal is. It’s just a show, the real problem is still there, just under the surface.”

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