Judge backs GOP in vote-flipping suit–& that’s not bad (but nowhere near enough)

As Brad explains, the “remedies” sought by the GOP, and granted by the judge, will not address the problems posed by those machines.

It is a start, however; and it’s (to say the least) ironic that it came from the Republicans–as if ES&S has not helped THEM to “beat” the Democrats time after time; whereas the Democrats have never said a word against ES&S or any of the other parties that have schemed covertly, and successfully, to do them in.

Such passivity is–what’s the word?–insane. In its way, in fact, it’s just as crazy as the ravings of Glenn Beck and all his Tea-heads. So anyone who takes a stand for “sanity” should really focus on those suicidally inactive Democrats as well as their foam-flecked attackers on the right.


Judge Rules in Favor of NC GOP in Touch-screen Vote Flipping Lawsuit
by Brad Friedman

Orders ‘voter alert’ posted at polls, programming materials, records retained…

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