Having stalked Anita Hill, Ginni Thomas cancels NPR appearance

Virginia Thomas Cancels Radio Show Amid Controversy Over Her Call to Anita Hill

Virginia Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, abruptly canceled a radio appearance on NPR today amid a swirl of media attention given to news of her recent effort to encourage Anita Hill to apologize for her allegations of sexual harassment against the justice 19 years ago.

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2 thoughts on “Having stalked Anita Hill, Ginni Thomas cancels NPR appearance”

  1. Obviously the initial salvo in the Clarence Thomas legacy wars. Part of Ginni’s attempt to reframe all these years later, which has a chance of working, I think. If people can’t remember it was the Bush Admin that bailed out the banks how are the gonna remember this case from what, 1991?

    Don’t want it to work, but I think it’s actually possible that in 2010 with a combination of denial mechanism, media saturation and the diminished critical thinking skills running through our society like a virus it’s possible to in effect rewrite history.

  2. Well, it may actually be too late for them to turn this one around, as Hill was quite effective in establishing herself as credible within a few years of the hearings, despite a lot of people not believing her at first; and that impression (reinforced by the book STRANGE JUSTICE, which, like Hill’s own memoir, was a best-seller) would be hard to change today.

    In short, this effort by Ginni Thomas is probably too little, too late; and I don’t think Thomas has the stomach for a big campaign of self-justification, nor would SCOTUS want that, as it would only (further) soil the image of the Court.

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