Harry Reid “will steal the election,” warms Sharron Angle

The GOP–past masters of election fraud, who’ve stolen scores of races since 2000–are
now shouting that the Democrats are stealing votes. This is a classic propaganda tactic: to
accuse the enemy of doing what you’re doing, or planning what you’re planning, and/or of
having done what you’ve done, thereby imputing your own dirty tricks or crimes to your
own victim. (Although calling it a “tactic” may be slightly off the mark, as those who use
that gambit often do so with such fierce sincerity that it may well be a symptom, too.)

And so the GOP are screaming about ACORN and the New Black Panther Party, and
otherwise appealing to the purely faith-based certainty that “voter fraud” puts, and will
keep, Democrats in power, while the Republicans run honest races, representing the
majority of citizens.

Thus the recent instances of vote-flipping from GOP to Democratic candidates would
seem not to be a genuine “glitch” but a deliberate ploy to make the GOP’s claims seem
more plausible. That the e-voting system is owned, managed and maintained by highly
partisan Republicans, and programmed by them, too, makes it, to say the least, unlikely
that there’s anything to Sharron Angle’s charges. But it doesn’t matter much, because
those facts are largely unknown to the public, thanks to the staunch refusal of the media
and the Democratic Party to talk about the issue.

In any case, both Harry Reid and Sharron Angle should demand a full investigation of
what’s happening in Nevada; and so should every other candidate wherever there are
indications of electoral foul play.

And, meanwhile, let’s finally snap out of our long national trance, and face the fact
that We the People use a faith-based voting system, which is owned and run private
by companies with a partisan agenda–and that this has to stop, or we’re completely
finished as a democratic country.


E-Vote Trouble in NV & My Article at Truthout Today: ‘Hacking Harry Reid (or Sharron’s Angle)’
by Brad Friedman

After reports of ES&S touch-screen votes flipping away from Republicans, for a change, over the last several days in North Carolina and in Texas, reports are now coming in from Nevada about similar occurrences on that state’s Sequoia touch-screens, just in time to underscore the importance of my story published today at Truthout, “Hacking Harry Reid (or Sharron’s Angle)” arguing that one or both of the candidates locked in the Silver State Senate Standoff need to get to a court immediately, even though neither of them are likely to do so.

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Sharron Angle Campaign: Harry Reid ‘Intends To Steal This Election’
The Huffington Post | Elyse Siegel First

Republican candidate Sharron Angle’s campaign is accusing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of plotting to steal Nevada’s Senate election with decision day in the Silver State just one week away. The campaign provides virtually no evidence to back up the claim, and Nevada’s Secretary of State disputes the e-mail’s allegations.

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