GOP says ES&S e-voting systems “should have been banned” in NC!

Actually, they should be banned everywhere in the United States.

So why are the Republicans demanding such a righteous step? After all, ES&S machines have helped Republicans to “win” in contest after contest since 2000–ES&S itself having long been a closely GOP-connected company. (It was founded by the Christianists Bob and Todd Urosevich, and had Chuck Hagel as its CEO for four years–right up until he quit to run for the Senate from Nebraska, where they used ES&S machines to “count” the votes that twice “elected” him.)

And, therefore, why is it that the Democrats have never called for any ban on, or investigation of, ES&S? Why have they never uttered so much as a peep about the insecurity or easy hackability of those machines, or the peculiar tendency of those machines to freeze, break down, vote-flip or otherwise malfunction to the clear advantage of the GOP (until just now)?

Thus have the Democrats been thoroughly, if passively, complicit in their own destruction. We therefore care about all this, not for their sake, but for the sake of the electorate, whose interests finally matter not at all to either party, notwithstanding all the “populist” baloney lately handed out by the Republicans and their hysterical “Tea Party” dupes.


NC GOP Files Lawsuit Over Touch-screen Vote Flipping

GOP attorney: ES&S iVotronic ‘systems should have been banned’

Officials: Just ‘isolated’ probs, ‘no different than every election’…

[UPDATE 10/29/10, 12:22pm PT: The North Carolina Republican Party has now filed suit against the State Board of Elections “alleging that touch-screen machines are thwarting efforts by voters to cast Republican ballots,” according to AP’s brief coverage now here…]

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