Editor handcuffed by Senate candidate’s goon squad in Alaska

Joe Miller is the “Tea Party” favorite in Alaska. They evidently have a thing for fascists.

See the video below, to see Miller’s “private security detail” bullying the videographer and manhandling Jill Burke, an Alaska Dispatch reporter.


Miller security guards handcuff editor
PUBLIC EVENT: Incident took place after town hall meeting at middle school.

The editor of the Alaska Dispatch website was arrested by U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller’s private security guards Sunday as the editor attempted to interview Miller at the end of a public event in an Anchorage school.

Tony Hopfinger was handcuffed by the guards and detained in a hallway at Central Middle School until Anchorage police came and told the guards to release Hopfinger.

Hopfinger has not been charged but the owner of the Drop Zone, the private security firm that’s been providing Miller’s security, accused Hopfinger of trespassing at the public event, a town hall sponsored by the Miller campaign. The owner, William Fulton, also said Hopfinger assaulted a man by shoving him.

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