Dead heat in Wisconsin

While they’re busy raising money, Feingold’s people also should be making plans to monitor the polling places and machines, and to encourage Wisconsinites to do the same.

They’d also better have a plan in the (very likely) event that “problems” statewide disenfranchise countless voters, thus enabling Johnson to “prevail.”


From: Melissa Ryan, Feingold Senate Committee

Exciting news! Today’s poll from St. Norbert College Survey Center shows Russ in a dead heat with Ron Johnson – 49% to 47%!

We have the momentum – Contribute Today!

With two weeks to go until Election Day our race remains close, but we have the momentum. Our opponent, Republican Ron Johnson, is moving in the wrong direction. It’s clear that Johnson’s strategy of hiding from the media, hiding from voters, hiding behind political talking points, and hiding behind over $8 million of empty television ads, is not working.

We have the momentum – Contribute Today!

With just 14 days left in this fight, Johnson and his friends in Washington are going to do everything they can to turn things around and try to buy this election. But we aren’t going to let them. We may be outspent, but thanks to your dedication we will never be out-organized. Keep up the good work!

Melissa Ryan
Feingold Senate Committee

Authorized and paid for by the Feingold Senate Committee | Daniel D. Hannula, Superior, WI, Treasurer

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