And that’s not the only bombshell noted by computer scientist J. Alex Halderman, who, with his team of students, managed to hack into the infrastructure of DC’s new Internet vote scheme, and testified about it all last Friday.

Let us say again, as we have said so many times before, that Internet voting is an absolutely horrible idea–yet DC’s election officials forged ahead with their new system, to enable overseas and military voters to cast on-line ballots.

Please read Brad Friedman’s full report on Halderman’s eye-popping testimony–and send it far and wide, as there are still too many people out there who believe that Internet voting is a swell idea.

There is no substitute for hand-counted paper ballots. Certainly elections based on that old-fashioned system have been stolen countless times–but the computerized alternatives are infinitely worse.


Iranian, Chinese Computers Also Discovered to Have Been Hacking D.C. Internet Voting System
By Brad Friedman on 10/11/2010 6:05am

A University of Michigan computer scientist and his team were not the only ones attempting to hack the Internet Vote scheme that Washington D.C. had planned to roll out for actual use with military and overseas voters in this November’s mid-term election.

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