Damon Linker’s great new book (and Jeff Sharlet’s)

On the evening of Dec. 2, I’ll be hosting an evening with Damon Linker and Jeff Sharlet at the McNally Jackson Bookstore here in NYC (and will be sending a proper announcement out toward that time). Damon will be speaking on his new book, The Religious Test, and Jeff will talk about his new book, C Street.

I’m sending this out to alert you to two excerpts from Damon’s book, as noted in his email (below).


Friends and Colleagues,

My new book, THE RELIGIOUS TEST: WHY WE MUST QUESTION THE BELIEFS OF OUR LEADERS (W.W. Norton), was published this week. If you have the time and interest, I hope you’ll take a look at two excerpts.

1. In Friday’s online edition of The New Republic, there’s “Religion in a Centerless Society”:

2. In a terrific cultural webzine, The Utopian, you’ll find “The Impossibility of Sexual Consensus”:

Best wishes,


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