Cell phones DO pose a grave danger to your health (Devra Davis)

From Doug Loranger, via Katie Hickox:

Dr. Devra Davis’ October 6 Commonwealth Club presentation in San Francisco and the press conference that followed are now available on Youtube, courtesy of the Ecological Options Network (EON).

Davis’ new book is Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family (

I’m putting Part III first, because if you only have time to view one segment, I suggest you make it this one.

Part III – Testimony from Brain Tumor Survivors and Families:

Part I – Devra Davis’ Presentation:

Part II – Q&A

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The tactic of using people who have had brain cancer is standard environmentalist demagoguery. Having had a disease doesn’t make one an expert on the illness or its cause. Having used a cell phone is not proof that the phone caused the cancer. When there are unknowns, there are invariably demagogues like Davis who exploit the desire for answers.

Nicolas Martin says: “The tactic of using people who have had brain cancer is standard environmentalist demagoguery”.

I reply: Have you not heard of the precautionary principle Nicolas? If cellphone producers and mobile network providers are able to manipulate the emotions of the general public through advertising, why shouldn’t those who only want you to know the TRUTH, rather than part you with your cash, also appeal to the emotions of the general public?

Clearly, there is link between heavy cell phone use and cancer. To deny this is to bury your head in the sand. Good luck with that.

Why do Conglomko’s supporters have a grudge against the environment? This writer, Nicolas, calls this “standard environmentalist demogoguery.” He can’t tell the difference between propaganda and researched results…

The “precautionary principle” states that one should never leave the house for fear of encountering danger. It is the indispensable tenet of paranoia.

Latest large study:

Biggest Study Yet Finds No Cancer Risk From Cellphones

But by all means don’t let that prevent you from being scared!

Well, maybe you should read beyond the headline, since the study has its flaws:

From the NYTimes article about that study:

“Although the data, collected from one of the largest-ever studies of cellphone use, are reassuring, the investigators noted that the design of the study focused on cellphone subscriptions rather than actual use, so it is unlikely to settle the debate about cellphone safety. A small to moderate increase in risk of cancer among heavy users of cellphones for 10 to 15 years or longer still “cannot be ruled out,” the investigators wrote….

“However, the major weakness of the study is that it counted cellphone subscriptions rather than actual use by individuals, and failed to count people who had corporate subscriptions or who used cellphones without a long-term contract. Those small details could have diluted any association between cellphone use and cancer risk, the investigators conceded.

“An accompanying editorial noted that although the results are reassuring, they must be viewed in the context of about 15 previous studies on cellphones and cancer risk, including those that did detect an association between heavy cellphone use and certain brain tumors.

“Anders Ahlbom, a professor of epidemiology at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and an author of the editorial, said in an e-mail that research on the subject should continue.

“’Many stones have been lifted, but little has been found,’ he wrote. ‘While there is little reason to expect anything to be found beneath the next stone, some uncertainty remains. We have learned that studies based on historical accounts of cellphone use are prone to bias. So a reasonable way forward seems to be to follow national statistics and prospective cohorts.'”

In any case, the issue here is not that “being scared” is somehow fun, as you so boyishly suggest, but that the use of cell phones raises some entirely rational concerns about the health of all those people using them so heavily.


Come on, Mark, there will never be a study you don’t think it fatally flawed if it doesn’t confirm your suspicions. The New York Times is in the business of promulgating fear of technology. That’s what the left-wing press does.

It hasn’t been so long since Ralph Nader was spreading fear of smoke detectors and Paul Brodeur was enthralling the yokels with stories about the hazards of microwave ovens. Imagine how many lives have been saved by the use of both those devices over the decades due to a reduction in fatal home fires.

Somehow with all the microwaves and other forms of radiation, cancer rates continue their stubborn decline. Keep faith, though, there is always the hope that the modernity epidemic will come to fruition at some unspecified later date.

Maybe you should spend some time exploring radiation hormesis.

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