CBS, CNN got footage of Karl Rove getting his subpoena–so where’s the story??

It’s one thing that Obama and his DoJ will not go after Rove, but let him walk around unbothered while they keep on screwing his victims (like Don Siegelman). Such deference toward that filthy operator, and Obama’s weird refusal to get rid of the US Attorneys that Rove/Cheney put in place (and, no less, the president’s decision not to nail Bush/Cheney for their torture policy, etc.), could be due to mere spinelessness, and/or cluelessness, in the Oval Office; or–more likely–to that gang having something on Obama, which makes him loath to go too far (or even half an inch) against them.

But while Obama’s deference toward Karl Rove might thus be easily explained, why does the latter get such comfy treatment from the MSM? Are they all just spineless/ clueless when it comes to him? (They’d certainly go after any Democratic “strategist” who did one-tenth what Rove has done, and who got slapped with a subpoena, right on camera.) Or is it possible that Rove & Co. has dirty stuff on everybody at the top
of CNN, CBS, the New York Times and all the other top-flight media outfits that have also spiked this story?

So is that guy J. Edgar Hoover reincarnate? Is he the CIA?

He’s clearly a made man–so who exactly made him?

Whatever the reason for the MSM’s peculiar silence (on which see deltadoc’s sharp blog below), WE must do all that we can, in our small way, to get the story out there, and raise the questions that will also surely come up in Rove’s deposition, e.g.:

-What was his involvement in the theft of the elections in Florida 2000, Alabama 2002, Ohio 2004 and many more?

-What was his connection to Mike Connell?

-What was his connection to Mike Connell’s death?

Please send this far and wide.


CBS, CNN capture video of Ohio attorney subpoena served on Karl Rove
by John Michael Spinelli
Columbus Goverment Examiner

COLUMBUS, Ohio (CGE) – A federal subpoena, issued by Ohio attorney Cliff Arnebeck and sanctioned by the Office of Ohio Secretary of State, was served last Sunday in Washington to Karl Rove on his way to an appearance on the CBS news program Face the Nation.

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One thought on “CBS, CNN got footage of Karl Rove getting his subpoena–so where’s the story??”

  1. Eerily silent – even the Huffington Post, who is the biggest media outlet to report on the subpoena has buried their own story. There have been several other “human interest” pieces on Rove headlined and promoted on HuffPo since the subpoena was reported on the HuffPo blog page for the involved attorneys.

    As I pondered in April of 2009, this important election integrity story for some reason has been deemed “toxic” by the media, including Rachel Maddow.


    After long thought, it seems odd the media wouldn’t even have reported on this, if only to ridicule the lawsuit as sour grapes or past history. Instead, we see complete and radio silence either way, as if the story simply never existed.

    I appreciate MCM’s notion that Rove has a “red file” on every major media mogul and has put out the word that this story gets no play or else. But that doesn’t jive with all the other anti-Rove pieces we see almost daily this election season.

    I thought it may be because Brett Kimberlin is a principle in many of the “RoveCybergate” published allegations, claiming for example to have screenshots that show which servers diverted official Ohio 2004 election night vote totals out of Ohio and through SmartTech’s Chattanooga servers. Because of Kimberlin’s past jail time, the media may have doubts about the more controversial claims in the saga we saw filtered through Kimberlin.

    Another possibility is that the idea 2004 was stolen is just too goddamn depressing, or that it could throw America into a state of panic. But as I follow this story, the one question I feel we should raise first and foremost is whether or not it can be shown Ken Blackwell actually gave Mike Connell access to the official Ohio vote reporting network apparatus.

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