Brace yourself for RECOUNTS

There should have been more recounts–many more–these last ten years; and while recounts surely aren’t as clean a process as this piece insists, it is far better to demand one, and then fight to make it honest, than it is to do the “gracious” thing and give it up. (There’s nothing “gracious” about selling out the people who’ve elected you.)

This goes for Republicans as well as Democrats. Whoever really won should be allowed to serve. At the same time, whoever belly-aches about “election fraud” (or “voter fraud”) and then does not demand a recount is just blowing smoke, in order to obscure the fact that it’s the belly-acher’s own campaign that purged the voter rolls, sent out disinformation, rigged the e-voting machinery, etc.

Meanwhile, whoever “loses” unexpectedly, and/or has heard of “problems” that have disenfranchised would-be voters all day long, is morally obliged to stand up and refuse to do that “gracious” thing, despite all the indignant noise from both the other party and the media (which always scorns, or ridicules, the recount process as “chaotic”).

As if it’s not the people’s choice that matters, but the media’s–and as if the commercial press could ever really give a hoot about democracy.


p.s. If you haven’t done so yet, and can manage it, please donate something to John Ennis’s Pay 2 Play, whose volunteers will keep an eye on the elections in Ohio next month. They’ve almost raised enough, so your contribution could well put them where they need to be:

In every election season, there’s a recount. Lessons from Bush and Franken.
By Jay Weiner

It is Wednesday, Nov. 3, in the wee hours of the morning after election night.

From Chicago to Las Vegas, from West Virginia to Colorado, exhausted campaign managers are on their BlackBerrys and iPhones, talking, e-mailing and texting with election lawyers and party operatives in Democratic and Republican bunkers in Washington.

The word on everyone’s lips? “Recount.”

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