Wisconsin must protect voting rights in this election

SANDERS & MANSKI: Wisconsin must protect voting rights in this election

Henry Sanders, Jr & Ben Manski
The Capital Times
September 12, 2010

In committing election crimes, who is the perpetrator, and who is the victim?

In a little-noticed announcement a few weeks ago, Republican Attorney General JB Van Hollen began a new campaign to crack down on so-called “voter fraud,” saying that, “elections are undermined when people engage in unlawful voting or otherwise commit fraud on the elections process.”

There are certainly major problems plaguing American elections, but widespread voter fraud is not one of them. Since the 2000 election, the Republican Party, its officials, and its funders have spent millions of dollars in failed attempts to convince us that unlawful voting is a grave threat to election integrity. Yet they have not produced a single case in which this supposed threat has impacted the outcome of an election in any way.

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