Tea-baggers represent the mainstream–in their dreams!

Here is a new poll confirming that the Tea-baggers are, to put it mildly, out of step with the American majority. Why, then, does “the liberal media” keep treating them as fully representative of We the People?

Whatever the reason for that gross misrepresentation, let’s not forget these most important numbers when certain Tea-bag candidates pull off “stunning upset victories” on Election Day, and the corporate pundits quickly certify those “wins” as genuine “signs” of this or that (as opposed to likely strokes of electronic fraud).


Extremist ‘Tea Party’ Views, MSM Both Out of Touch
With Mainstream America
By Brad Friedman

The political positions of those describing themselves as sympathetic to the “Tea Party” represent a vast
minority view, far outside of the mainstream positions represented by 2008 voters, according to a new poll commissioned by Project Vote: http://projectvote.org/voter-poll-results.html.

The study finds self-described “Tea Partiers”, and their political concerns, are far outweighed by the views
of everyone else, despite the absurdly out-of-proportion coverage granted to them by the corporate mainstream media.

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