Some truth about the next election–and the media’s (mis)use of polls

2010 Midterm House and Senate Forecast Models: RV/LV Polls, Undecided Voters and Election Fraud
Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll)

Once again, as in every election cycle, the media avoids the real issues. Like Martha Coakley winning the hand-counts in the Massachusetts primary; Vic Rawl easily winning the absentees but losing to unknown
Alvin Greene in the South Carolina primary; Mike Castle beating Christine O’Donnell by over 10 points in the absentees but losing by six in Delaware. But there was hardly a peep about all this in the mainstream media. Apparently, we must just accept that the votes which vanished in cyberspace and can never be verified were not tampered with.

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One thought on “Some truth about the next election–and the media’s (mis)use of polls”

  1. Fraudulent vote counts for a fundamentally fraudulent; if not Actually CONSTITUTIONALLY CRIMINAL federal regime, DEM or Miserepubilkan!

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